London life is expensive. Being a young person in London is expensive. With West End theatre prices continually on the rise, theatre can sometimes feel like something exclusively for the middle aged middle classes.


When I moved to London last year I was determined to see as much theatre as I could, but on my limited budget, I couldn’t always afford to see the shows I wanted to see.


Over the year I discovered a range of discounts, offers, and schemes all designed to make theatre more accessible for all. Some of these schemes are exclusively for young people (apologies now to anyone aged 26 or over), but many I’ll be talking about are open for everyone. I’ll also be reviewing any performances I see: the only thing better than cheap theatre is cheap GOOD theatre.

For each post I’ll be rating the show based on the performance itself , and also the value for money. As I post more reviews you will be able to navigate to see shows based solely on their price or their rating via the categories in the sidebar. Each show will be reviewed on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and a scale of £-£££.

So grab a cup of tea and sit back – and then get ready to head off out into this mad city to catch a matinee.

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